However, being the explanation for Rue’s sobriety slowly proves an excessive amount of to deal with for Jules, who has to take care of her personal psychological issues. In the season 1 finale, Jules admits to being in love with Rue. However, she also has feelings for Anna, a fling she had while away from the city. While Rue and Jules resume their relationship, Rue hides the truth about her frequent drug use from Jules. Moreover, Rue and Jules’ friendship with Elliott complicates their dynamics.

Which is to say that these scenes — these trips — have this dreamy, otherworldly facet as if they’re current out of time. Emphasis on constantly, with it coming to an emotional head in episode three, right before their first kiss and within the aftermath of the kiss throughout episode four. At this level within the story, Rue’s relationship with Jules is about the only factor that’s going well for her. She knows this, we the audience knows this (as Rue is type of literally a hot mess), and he or she states simply as much by continually saying that Jules “is the best thing that has happened to her” just lately.

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It additionally would not assist that Jules’ issues additionally revolve round drug dependancy, however this time about her mom. She hesitates to speak to Rue about it as a result of she fears she might take it the wrong method. As Rue grew extra depending on Jules, Jules began feeling suffocated and overly responsible for her actions.

Her voiceovers are a variety of the weakest points of the show since they don’t really add much to understanding who she is as a person. She is a really sensitive individual and is deeply affected by seeing how poorly folks deal with each other and by all the anger. Ali reminds her that she has her “issues” and that she’s “gonna be fighting those points for the rest” of her life. He tells her that sobriety can be a great weapon in opposition to those, but Rue didn’t really need to hear it (yet). Ali went on to elucidate that addiction is a illness, however most people do not know that. Others see her as selfish, weak, and cruel, and so they aren’t willing to give her their time and energy.


While she is indignant at Jules for ratting her out, it looks as if Rue’s emotions are coming from a deeper emotional scar attributable to Jules’ actions. Thus, it’s hard to think about the two getting again collectively except Rue heals herself completely. Of course, Rue might acknowledge that she mentioned things she didn’t mean and apologize to Jules. If Jules forgives Rue and resumes their relationship, it will set the two on a toxic path and upset their emotional state in the long run. Hence, Jules might not be eager to get back together with Rue so soon.

In Jules’ episode, we study that her apprehension towards Rue’s drug dependancy was a byproduct of her mother’s habit, which she was coping with on the identical time she was with Rue. It is essential to notice that during her dialog with Jules, Rue is extraordinarily excessive. The music combined with Rue’s drug consumption creates a scene much like Rue’s euphoric trances we have seen before. Therefore, it’s attainable that Rue imagined the whole dialog.

Season 1

Euphoria is back after over a two-year hiatus sans two one-off episodes. Here’s each new & returning character in season 2 of the HBO present. Elliot mumbles that she shouldn’t be mixing alcohol with other medicine, however she doesn’t care. Jules voices an identical concern, asking Rue why she’s ingesting. Rue says she just needs to go home as a end result of she “can’t stand” Jules. We then see Cassie and Nate in his bedroom, the place Cassie accuses Nate of trying to get back together with Maddy whereas he’s with her.

Fezco additionally denies her medicine after it, resulting in Rue’s emotional breakdown exterior of his door. He understands why she mentioned and did what she did and he remains by her side. Fezco is also the person to step proper as much as Nate to make him go away Rue alone. To high it off, when he was asked by a drug vendor if Rue was trustworthy, he referred to as her household and stated he trusted her with his life, which is one thing particular. They haven’t been given much screen time so far however followers have fallen in love with the friendship between Jules and Maddy. In season 1, they have been solely ever seen with mutual pals (mainly Kat) however have been nice to one another.

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In her appearances, Sonia demonstrates her love and encouragement for her daughter, however their mother-daughter relationship is sophisticated by Maddy’s boyfriend, Nate. When she finds out about Nate’s abuse towards Maddy, Her mom decides to press expenses, a lot to Maddy’s dismay, which makes Maddy angry. Also, in episode 5 of season 1, it’s shown that Maddy is portrayed as a frequent pageant winner, encouraged by her mother and father. They help her doing this until a child molester within the pageant business is ousted.

Throughout Euphoria it becomes clear that Rue partly treats her relationship with Jules as an different choice to her habit. Not solely does this put method an extreme quantity of stress on the two of them however it additionally implies create an account that Rue struggles to be impartial and this is not wholesome for both of them. Rue must get to an area where she could be clean with or without Jules.

From a young age, Maddy incessantly competed in magnificence pageants to nice success because of her excessive ranges of self-confidence. However, after her mother saw a news report a couple of pageant coach being arrested as a baby molester, she was prohibited from getting into any more pageants. Despite preliminary protests (which involved refusing to eat for a week), Maddy began to understand that she loved “not doing something” and embraced her lack of desire for a career.