We need a developer to join our team and structure a new code base to bring an MVP to the market. I’m now an expert with ASP.NET and Azure technologies thanks to all the experience I’m getting. If your project involves a relational database, you will want a developer familiar with ORM tools. These technologies make it easier to query and interact with a database using object-oriented paradigms instead of SQL. As a freelance Developer, you’ll enjoy the freedom to choose your own .NET Developer jobs with leading Fortune 500 companies and startups, as well as the flexibility to work remotely on your terms.

We definitely recommend Toptal for finding high quality talent quickly and seamlessly. We needed a expert engineer who could start on our project immediately. Not having to interview and chase down an expert developer was an excellent time-saver and made everyone feel more comfortable with our choice to switch platforms to utilize a more robust language.

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Jonathan is a full-stack engineer with more than ten years of experience. He is comfortable working on large-scale distributed systems and client-facing, single-page web apps. Jonathan also excels at big data and is often involved with social media-related analytics projects. Marko has over a decade of experience with large-scale software including architecture, design, coding, testing, documentation, build, and release. He’s held a variety of roles throughout his career such as software engineer and architect, technology lead, full-stack developer, scrum master, QA mentor, and DevOps engineer.

freelance asp.net developer

I already have an existing database that needs to be integrated into the project. The developer should have experience with working with existing databases. The main task for this project is to fetch data from PDF files that contain multiple tables and save it in the Ms SQL database. Overall, the ideal candidate for this job should have experience in asp.net, Ms SQL, and PDF data extraction. Jakub is a tech lead and full-stack developer with 10+ years of hands-on experience creating microservices, APIs, and web applications. He knows the Microsoft technology stack, including C#, .NET Core, and ASP.NET.

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Instead, just apply to job descriptions that meet your criteria. I am looking for an experienced ASP.NET Developer to work on an existing application. The project requires advanced skills in ASP.NET, C#, and SQL Server. A seasoned engineer knows different .NET versions, the new features added in recent years, and which libraries changed between versions. They should understand which features best suit different applications (e.g., mobile versus IoT).

You can find projects for other skills right below or visit our jobs page. Pick from the most interesting engagements offered by top companies, from the Fortune 500 to Silicon Valley startups, and unlock access to industry leaders with part-time or full-time positions. Create your free job posting and http://www.namerenno.ru/qcontent_2fsocar-1.htm start receiving Quotes within hours. We needed some short-term work in Scala, and Toptal found us a great developer within 24 hours. This simply would not have been possible via any other platform. Total’s screening and matching process ensures exceptional talent are matched to your precise needs.

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If you have the required skills and experience, and can commit to completing the project within the given timeframe, please submit your proposal. Marko is an IT specialist with a Master’s degree in Informatics and 11 years of experience in software development with .NET and Microsoft SQL Server platforms. He’s reliable, responsible, and an ambitious person, ready to master new skills and achieve new successes. He enjoys following new technologies with a focus on HTML5 and JavaScript.

freelance asp.net developer

Givi has also occupied other roles, such as a CTO in multiple companies, with excellent results. Toptal’s ability to rapidly match our project with the best developers was just superb. The developers have become part of our team, and I’m amazed at the level of professional commitment each of them has demonstrated. For those looking to work remotely with the best engineers, look no further than Toptal. Toptal Projects enabled us to rapidly develop our foundation with a product manager, lead developer, and senior designer.

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The rate that you set is the rate that you will receive for every engagement with a client. Toptal generates revenue through direct contracts with clients. Set the rate you want and enjoy a steady stream of income without the overhead.

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